Steam Trains and Steam Locomotives

Thank you for visiting our website. For over 20 years, we are filming steam locomotives. However, we are no camera or video professionals, we are only steam enthusiasts and railway enthusiasts. With our project, called DAMPFROSS TV, we want to preserve the wonderful world of steam locomotives, steam trains and steam enginges.

Many years ago, when there were the first video cameras on the market - at that time still in the 4:3 picture format - we started filming the most beautiful and most powerful steam locomotives. While in Germany as well as in large parts of Europe the golden railway era of steam locomotives was ending in the late 1970s, there were still steam locomotives in other countries, used daily in passenger or freight traffic.

Then our focus was on China, where many steam locomotives were replaced now by diesel locomotives and electric locomotives in recent years. After all, we could take many video and photo scenes from the regular railway operations. Also, we have filmed the small narrow-gauge railways in Cuba, and sometimes we visited the Indian Railways. Now, there is a lot of video cassettes in our archive that we are going to digitize our video footage step by step for uploading it to our YouTube channel.

Please, use the menu in the header. There are two dozen steam locomotive sounds in the "Audio" section. You can download them as .mp3 file, for free. In the "Video" section we have gathered currently over 60 videos of different railways and locomotives from many countries. With the "Shop" section we refer to model trains and live steam locomotives in 1 scale. Furthermore, there are special scale models of beautiful locomotives. Finally, there are more than 100 photos of locomotives, railway stations and trains in the "Photo" section. Please note that our videos and pictures are described partly in the German and in the English language. But the videos are always made without comment, i.e. there is always the real and natural atmosphere with original sound.

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